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Stokenchurch Cricket Club

Challenge: Provide a modern platform for a village cricket club

Stokenchurch Cricket Club has a history going back to pre 1861 and has a proud tradition of providing competitive cricket for local players.

Solution: Create a website which reflects the locality and tradition of the club

Like most village cricket clubs Stokenchurch has records going back over the years. Unlike other clubs a great deal of work has gone into ensuring these records live on, way past just memories. Currently with over 4000 past matches digitised and available on the website a project is under way to add records back to the start of the last century. It is believed this will be the largest on-line record of any cricket club anywhere

Another challenge was the management of all 4 junior sides. With on-line registration and record keeping, up to date information on all players can be accessed anywhere at any time by coaches and managers to ensure they always have the required information

A dedicated relational database allows Captains and Coaches to enter match results and ensure player statistics are up to date at all times

Team Averages sortable on all columns


Player Records going back to 1910 are available


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