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Oxfordshire Cricket Board Junior Nominations

Oxfordshire Cricket Board

Challenge: Provide a modern way to collect and manage junior nominations

Like other county cricket boards managing the process for receiving, sorting and assessing nominations for junior age group cricket was a difficult and expensive task

Solution: Create a web-based system to manage the entire process

Probably our most complex challenge yet but with an elegant and simple to use solution.

From 2012 onwards all junior nominations for County and District age group cricket is managed in a single system.

Initial nominations are submitted via an on-line form

On-Line nomination form

Nomination Form

From this point on the assessment process is managed by administrators and coaches. The system is fully secure, using SSL under https and has full email capability including logging sent emails and user management of standard emails.

Coaches can review and assess nominations

Home Page

Assessment Sessions can be managed and participants emailed details

Manage Assessment Sessions

Afull breakdown of nominations by club and school can be used to provide consisten and accurate feedback

Nomination Breakdown

Other functionality of the system includes:

For more information of how this system might help you please email or use the contact form