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Cherwell Cricket League

Challenge: Replace an ageing and high maintenance system

The Cherwell League represents 49 clubs geographically spread over 5 counties centred around Oxford
The existing website had become hard to maintain, was slow to update and all input was received by post and had to be edited by hand and then up-loaded when complete.

Solution: Create a modern and content rich website with low maintenance

Cricket has a long tradition of statistics and the Cherwell League with a history back to 1974 was no exception.

The new website reflects this history with a comprehensive history of past winners, averages and league records.

A major innovation was to provide on-line forms for the submission of all results. Sending data directly to the custom designed relational database ensures that as soon as the scores are submitted the result and points for each team is automatically calculated. These are available to all users and the league tables automatically updated.

No user intervention is required and maintenance and administration is kept to an absolute minimum by enabling clubs to submit and manage their own player registrations with payments using paypal

Other innovations include graphics to show week on week changes in the league and form guides

The success of this website has been overwhelming, with over 20000 visits per month and updates occuring via tablets and mobile phones as soon as matches are complete on a Saturday evening.

League table with graphics showing change from last week

League table

League averages going back to 1991 are available


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